Starburst Galactic Ice - blue

Flavors that are out of this world!

Galactic Ice Monster
Comet Cherry Monster Cosmic Pina Colada

New Flavor!

Step into the cosmos in tropical style with the fresh taste of coconuts and pineapples!

Cosmic Pina Colada

Meet Our Monsters

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Our #1 Bestseller! Blast off into bursting blue raspberry flavor and you’ll be a blue- tongued monster in no time.

Our #2 Bestseller! Classically strawberry, this monster plays nice with the other flavors. Perfect to mix and match for your own starry creation!

Experience the zest and zing of this fruity combo – lemon and lime! This monster is sure to tease your taste buds.

This well-loved monster flavor is so irresistible, it’s too good to share. Friends will be racing to grab their own!

Tangy and zingy – sour apple packs a punch. Get ready to pucker up and power up!

This tropical favorite is blazing by; catch this sweet monster while you can!

Summer is just a sip away with this sour monster – guaranteed sunshine all year round!

Melt away and mellow out in mountain mist bliss with this classic flavor!

Grab a friend and share in the sweet, creamy goodness of everyone’s favorite orange treat!

Travel to another planet on a sweet, juicy peach! But beware, you may have to share –

it’s irresistible!

Prepare for takeoff, this monster’s bright red color and iconic tart flavor will send you soaring to the stars!

This out-of- this-world duo has teamed up! Indulge in the two-headed sweetness no one can ignore.

Orbit Orange Creamsickle Blast Off Berry